The internet has provided various ways of how to make life easier and much more convenient. It is now one of the most anticipated activity be it academic or commercial in nature. When you want to search for a particular information about the history of a certain country or you want to market your own business, the web provides almost anything to one that seeks it.  

 Fraud Website

But, the downside is that it is also home for many bogus businesses and illegal schemes just like the arbonne scam. Because the internet is free for all (although an Internet Service Provider is not), a lot of bad things happen within its parameters. This is precisely the reason why you need to be very careful especially when sending money or sensitive information online. 

In order to help you determine whether a particular website is a scam or not, here are some things you need to check before trusting the webpage that you are visiting.  

  • Check the Domain Name 

A lot of scam websites will imitate domain names similar to a name of a specific brand. There are tons of websites found on the web that use famous brand names such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other related names. Most if not all of the time, a website use its own company name that is trademarked, not some related websites such as (not a real website).  

  • Website Without Contact Information 

When you are visiting a fraud online company, one of the things you could easily observe is the absence of contact information. A strong indication that a company is a scam is when it doesn’t necessarily have a specific page for its contact information or it doesn’t offer a fill out form. A company that offers services or products should have a legitimate address, contact number or email address and other related data. If you can’t find any of these, then that company only wants your credit card digits for them to use it freely.  

  • Incorrect Grammar or Spelling 

Another thing you could observe in fake websites is that they contain some misspelled words and most of the sentences are constructed with poor grammar. This is true especially when the company presents itself to be an American-based business. When you find misspelled words and poorly worded sentences, this could automatically be seen as a fraud or scam.  

  • Try to Contact the Information Provided 

Scammers today are very educated thus, in order for the website to look legitimate and authoritative, they already integrate a contact us page. However, in order to really avoid being victimized by a scam, you need to check and test whether the contact information provided in the company’s website actually works. When you don’t receive any answers, or the company phone answers using a voice messaging system, then you need to be very careful in transacting with such company.  

Becoming a victim of scams and frauds could be very devastating. Following these simple steps could be so much especially in saving your money or your name and identity. Thus, when transacting online, be sure to be extra cautious to avoid being victimized by these criminals.